Agile Websites for Agile Teams using VSTS

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Help maintain the following list by sending us an email containing details of any other Agile websites you know about that might interest VSTS Agile teams. Please include the name of the site, its url and a short description of its main features (less than 100 words).

Name Description
c2.com http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap
Ward Cunningham's original wiki site for Extreme Programming remains one of the best places to go for definitive information about XP. Unfortunately, not all of the pages are up to date, but still it's a great way to become involved with the XP community. It's particularly useful for finding local XP user groups throughout the world.
Will Stott
Yahoo Group
for XP
This site supplies one of the most popular newslists about Extreme Programming. It has almost 9,000 members and regularly includes postings from the giants in the world of XP. If you have a question about Extreme Programming, Agile Methods or software development practices then this is the place to ask it.
Will Stott
Ron Jeffries site http://www.xprogramming.com
Ron Jeffries worked with Kent Beck on famous Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System (C3) payroll project from which Extreme Programming grew, so he's a real expert on the subject. His website contains various classic articles about XP as well as links to many tools and utilities often used by Agile teams.
Will Stott