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Changes and Developements to VSTS

This section contains information about the changes to Visual Studio Team System that have happened after the book was published as well as news about forthcoming developments.

Last update: 5th July 2007

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1 now available
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News Item Archive

Subject, Product Details
Service Pack 1
Visual Studio 2005, v50727.762
30 June 2007
Fixes a number of issues such a support for Core Duo, integration with Excel and Project 2007, etc. A separate download for SP1 is provided for Visual Studio running on Windows Vista which addresses the issues specific to this new platform.
Will Stott
Product Roadmap
VSTS, next releases
June 2007
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (formally known as Orcas) is expected to be released Q1 2008. It makes improvements in a number of areas, particularly in Team Foundation Build. However, significant changes to the product will only happen with the next major release, codenamed 'Rosario', scheduled for a few year's time.
Will Stott
Orcas Beta 1
VSTS, next release
June 2007
The first beta release of Orcas is available for full installation or as a Virtual PC image.
Will Stott
Service Pack 1
Team Foundation Server, v50727.762
14 Dec 2006
Improves performance and scalability as well as fixing a number of bugs, issues, etc.
Will Stott