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Although you may prefer reading from a traditional book there are clearly some disadvantages to this format. One such limitation becomes particularly obvious when it comes to following the exercises, for it is often difficult to understand exactly what you must do without following a rather tedious list of instructions. In order to address this problem we have created a movie (Adobe Flash) for each exercise so you can just sit back and watch the procedure on your browser. We have also produced movies on a few other topics as described below.

In order to play these movies you will need to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer. The movies are intended to be viewed on a screen which is 1000 x 600 pixels or more.

Road Map

This movie gives you an overview of all the other movies we have created so you can get an idea of the scope of this material and decide a suitable viewing order

Doing XP with Visual Studio Team System 2008

This movie is intended for people who are new to Visual Studio Team System. It explains why you would want to use VSTS and gives a quick run through of a typical development episode

Project Setup

One of the frequent complaints people have about VSTS is the time it takes to setup in your Software Project Environment. Therefore we take you step-by-step through the setup of the Team Foundation Server, a Development PC (Client tier) and a Build PC. In this way you should be able to setup a project for a small development team (5) within a single day.

Exercises from the book - VSTS 2008

All the exercises in the book are available for you to watch. This brings the action to life and helps you understand exactly what you need to do.

Project Maintenance

It is important to maintain your Software Project Environment so that it continues to serve your team's development needs. Therefore we include a movie about Backing-up and Restoring your team's computers with particular emphasis on the Team Foundation Server (TFS).