Software Setup

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Setting-up Visual Studio Team System in your team's Software Project Environment is simply a matter of:

  • Installing Team Foundation Server (TFS) - data and application tiers
  • Installing Visual Studio Team Suite (or individual Editions) - client tier
  • Creating your Team Project from a Process Framework; Exercise 5-1
  • Making people members of the various Team Project Groups; Exercise 5-3
  • Granting access to the Team Project Portal and Report Sites; Exercise 5-4
  • Creating security settings for your team members; Exercises 5-5 and 5-6
  • Inviting for your team members to connect to the Team Project; Exercise 5-7
We have created a Shopping List in order to help you select suitable products for your Team. It is intended to list everything that a team of five developers would need to start work on a green-field software development project using Visual Studio Team System.

Installing Team Foundation Server

Start by downloading download the latest version of the TFS Installation Guide and then follow its instructions to install the data and application and tiers of VSTS on a PC running Windows Server 2003 (SP2). In summary, this requires you to install:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) - supplied with the operating system
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition - supplied with TFS
  • SharePoint Services 2.0 with SP2 - download from the Microsoft support website
  • Team Foundation Server Components

Installing Visual Studio Team Suite

Consult the TFS Installation Guide for instructions about installing Visual Studio Team Suite (the client tier) on your team member's PCs

We recommend Agile teams to buy Visual Studio Team Suite rather than the separate Developer, Tester and Architect editions as the licence restricts the use of these products to a single named individual which prevents people from having more than one role in a team.

You can install the client tier of Visual Studio Team System on the same Windows Server 2003 PC as the server tiers (data, application) for the purpose of evaluating the product. However, when a team is using VSTS to develop production software you should install the client software on each developer's PCs as shown in the Hardware Setup.