Third Party Process Frameworks for Agile Teams

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You are strongly recommended to adapt an existing process framework (template) for your own team and project. Clearly, this job is made easier if you can adapt something that is already close to what you want. Therefore, Microsoft are encouraging third parties to publish the process frameworks they have developed, particularly if they implement a well known methodology. The Listings at the bottom of this page should give you some idea of the variety of process frameworks available to you.

Microsoft's convention for naming process frameworks is xxx for Team System, where 'xxx' is the name of the process supported by any Team Project created from the framework. Thus, a Team Project created from XP For Team System supports a process based on Extreme Programming.


Name Description
Scrum For Team System
This freely available Scrum Process Framework is produced by Conchango, in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK.
Will Stott
Scrum For Team System
Join this open-source project to help develop a Scrum Process Framework. It is run by the famous Mike Azocar so I expect great things from it!
Will Stott
The Essential Unified Process I haven't used The Essential Unified Process, or “EssUP” for short. However, it has been produced by Ivar Jacobson (inventor of Use Cases) so has a great pedigree. He claims it is a new “Practice” centric software development process that integrates successful practices sourced from the three leading process camps: the unified process camp, the agile methods camp and the process maturity camp. Each one of them contributes different capabilities: structure, agility and process improvement.
Will Stott

Help maintain the above list by sending us an email containing details of any other Agile Process Frameworks you know about. Please include the name of the Framework, its url and a short description of its main features (less than 100 words).