Code for Section 7: FIT - Customer Tests

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Section 7

Customer Tests is concerned with getting the Team's customer to write tests that specify the functionality he wants. The customer is able to run these test himself so he knows exactly when the team has delivered the features he needs.

Section 7 - Chapters 22-24: Customer Testing with FIT and Generic Tests

This download contains the result of following the exercises in Chapters 22 to 24. In these exercises you will acheive the following:

  • Install FIT and then validate by running its supplied tests
  • DEvelop some production code for you to functionally test
  • Create HTML files containing your customer tests and a class library for the FIT fixtures they require
  • Practice running customer tests in your development environment
  • Create three different types of FIT Fixtures; ColumnFixture, RowFixture and ActionFixture
  • Wrap a FIT Test in a VSTS Generic Test and run it with MSTest
  • Run Customer Tests on a Build Machine as part of a Team Foundation Build
Release v1.0.0.1 corrects a problem found in some exercises when running customer tests in your development environment. You should run the batch file runLocalFIT.cmd in your development environment and runFIT.cmd on your build machine.


  • VSTSCode - Open Source project hosted at Codeplex