Test-Driven Development and Refactoring

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Help maintain the following list by sending us an email containing details of any other TDD & Refactoring books you know about that might interest VSTS Agile teams. Please include the title, author, publication date, publisher, ISBN, page count and a short review (less than 100 words).

Title, Author Description Purchase
Test-Driven Development - by example

Kent Beck
Published 2003, 220 pages
Kent Beck did much of the initial work on TDD and the xUnit framework, so reading this book really does allow you to learn from the master. The first two parts of the book are worked examples of TDD in action using Java and JUnit, but you should no difficultly translating this into C# and nUnit (or VSTS Unit Test). The last third of the book contains a number of Patterns for TDD which help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject. It is a great introduction to TDD and suitable for developers at all levels.
Will Stott
Cover of Test-Driven Development - by example
Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-321-14653-0 Click to Order
Refactoring - improving the design of existing code

Martin Fowler
Published 2000, 431 pages
This is a catalogue of the classic refactoring patterns you'll find yourself using over and over whilst practicing TDD. Although the examples are in Java they are simple enough to follow and will help you improve the quality of your code whatever langauge you use. It's the sort of book you want to read over a couple of months so you can experiment with one idea before moving onto the next. If you only buy one book about refactoring, buy this one.
Will Stott
Cover of Refactoring - improving the design of existing code
Addison-Wesley ISBN 0201485672 Click to Order