Agile Software Development

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Help maintain the following list by sending us an email containing details of any other Agile books you know about that might interest VSTS Agile teams. Please include the title, author, publication date, publisher, ISBN, page count and a short review (less than 100 words).

Title, Author Description Purchase
Extreme Programming Explained - Embrace Change

Kent Beck,
Cynthia Andres

2nd Ed. Published 2004, 189 pages
The original book about Extreme Programming (XP) has been updated in the second edition with some additional practices and values as well as a new set of 'principles'. It is the ultimate source about XP, so the practices and values you read about in our book are based on the descriptions given here. You won't find any code in the book, but it tells you alot about how to go about running a software project. Highly recommended.
Will Stott
Cover of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (2nd Edition)
Addison-Wesley ISBN-10 0-321-27865-8 Click to buy
Lean Software Development - An Agile Tool Kit

Mary Poppendieck,
Tom Poppendieck

Published 2003, 203 pages
This classic book links Agile Software Development with the ideas of Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production System. It is a book written for people who are more concerned with organizing teams than writing code, but still it takes a very practical and hands-on approach. The book presents a series of 22 tools for translating widely accepted lean principles into effective, agile practices. I found the Value Stream Mapping (tool 2) and Queuing Theory (tool 11) particularly helpful For anyone struggling to 'get' Agile, this is essential reading.
Will Stott
Cover of Lean SoftwareDevelopment - An Agile Tool Kit
Addison-Wesley ISBN-10 0-321-15078-3 Click to buy