Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

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VSTS provides an easy route for your team to operate like some of the best in the industry:

  • Instead of having to assemble an assortment of different tools to work with Visual Studio like NUnit, NAnt, SourceSafe, and so on, VSTS now provides an integrated Software Project Environment straight out of the box
  • VSTS allows you to select a process template to provide your team with life cycle guidance, metrics and reports tailored for its needs and the sort of project being undertaken
  • All the information generated by your project is collected together in one place, making it much easier for you to get the complete picture of how the work is progressing

VSTS addresses the entire software lifecycle from origination to final use


Visual Studio Team System provides a complete Software Project Environment (SPE) for all the people working on a software project; programmers, testers, architects and project managers. It has a multiple tier architecture; client, application and data. The client tier is put on your PC when you install Visual Studio Team Suite (or one of the Editions). The application and data tiers are put on the team’s server(s) when you install the Team Foundation Server (TFS) product.

Find out more about VSTS from Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System website.

Spend time improving your process rather than setting-up your project environment and laboriously gathering data.