Table of Contents Summary

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   Introduction – Broken Process

Section 1: Apply Sharp Tools and Values

   Chapter 1: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

   Chapter 2: Agile Values

Section 2: Introduce Agile Development

   Chapter 3: Overview of Agile Development

   Chapter 4: Forming an Agile Team

   Chapter 5: Team Foundation Process Frameworks

   Chapter 6: Improving Your Process Framework

Section 3: Use Version Control

   Chapter 7: Managing Change

   Chapter 8: Setting Up Team Foundation Version Control

   Chapter 9: Using TFVC in Your project

   Chapter 10: Policing Your project with TFVC

Section 4: Build and Integrate Often

   Chapter 11: Building and Integrating Software

   Chapter 12: Working with Team Foundation Build

Section 5: Practice Test-Driven Development

   Chapter 13: Introduction to TDD

   Chapter 14: Developing Your First Tests

   Chapter 15: Learning to Refactor

   Chapter 16: Code Coverage and Performance

   Chapter 17: Integrating TFP Code with a User Interface

Section 6: Explore by Modeling

   Chapter 18: Modeling with Agility

   Chapter 19: Creating Models

   Chapter 20: Using Models in an Agile Project

   Chapter 21: Modeling Solutions with Patterns

Section 7: Implement Customer Testing

   Chapter 22: Involving Customers in Testing

   Chapter 23: Creating FIT Fixtures

   Chapter 24: Running FIT with Team Foundation Build

Section 8: Estimate, Prioritize, and Plan

   Chapter 25: Estimating and Prioritizing Stories

   Chapter 26: Agile Planning

   Chapter 27: Managing Agile Projects

Section 9: Practice for Deployment

   Chapter 28: Moving into Production

   Chapter 29: Developing Installation Programs

   Chapter 30: Deployment of Distributed Systems

Section 10: Provide and Reveal Value

   Chapter 31: Producing Technical Reports

   Chapter 32: Generating Business Value

Retrospective – Fixing the Process

   Appendix A: Setting Up VSTS for the Exercises

   Appendix B: Software Project Environment for a Small Team

   Appendix C: Agile Workspace

   List of Extreme Programming Practices

   List of Exercises