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www.bettersoftwaredevelopment.org (the website) is owned and operated by Maximodex Limited (the company). The company is registered in England and can be contacted by through its registered office address.

The company wishes to make clear that Microsoft (creator of Visual Studio Team System) and Addison-Wesley (publisher of the book "Visual Studio Team System - Better Software Development for Agile Teams") are not involved in the ownership, control or operation of this website and so are not liabile or responsible for its content.

Disclaimer of Liability

The company, William Stott and James Newkirk assume no responsibility for the content of the website or any website to which it provides links and to the extent permitted by law disclaim all liability in respect of such content. Nothing in the website constitutes professional advice. The company has taken care in the preparation of this website, but make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Privacy Statement

The website is hosted in England by a third-party. In some cases this third party may receive certain information about the people visiting the website, for example their IP address. However, all the information gathered by the company from the website is used only for purposes as described below:

  • Emails sent to addresses contained on the website are sent to the people or organizations named in the address. The company may obtain and save copies of these emails for administrative or marketing purposes. Your email may also be sent to a trusted third-party in order to further answer your enquiry. However, your email address will not be sold or otherwise used for disreputable purposes.
  • Cookies are used on the website only for benign purposes. We do not attempt to obtain information from you without your knowledge and consent.
  • IP addresses may be used for analysis of the traffic reaching the site or for the purposes of administering the website. However, the company does not attempt to link IP addresses to individuals.

Your use of the website signifies your consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described above. Please contact will.stott@bettersoftwaredevelopment.org if you have any questions about this statement or about any personal information you believe may have been obtained from you during your visit to the website.

Copyright and Reproduction Notices

The company is the owner of the of copyright except as otherwise stated. No part of the website may be distributed, published, re-utilised, extracted, or reproduced in any material form except as as permitted by the UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and as required by the personal licence that is hereby granted to you by the company for you view the site for your own personal use.