Getting Started

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Evaluate the Product

Microsoft’s MSDN website contains a lot of excellent information about VSTS including videos, web-casts and numerous technical articles. However, most of this material will be more meaningful after you have gained some experience by using the product. Therefore we suggest you start by installing an evaluation version of VSTS on a single-server (or Virtual PC) and then explore its main features by completing a series of step-by-step exercises, like the ones given in our book.

MSDN Virtual Labs provide a number of good exercises that will help you learn how to use VSTS. However, they do sometimes suggest an approach that may not be particularly applicable to a small Agile Team

Use VSTS in your Team

In order to use VSTS for real development work you will need to create a Software Project Environment for your team which involves setting-up the hardware as well as the software your team will need.