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Intended Audience

This is an introductory book for people working in a small software team who want an Agile approach to adopting Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System.

We make few assumptions about your technical background apart from you having some form of previous experience whether as a programmer, tester, analyst, architect or manager of a software project

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ISBN-10 0-321-41850-6
864 Pages Addison-Wesley, 2007


Our book guides you and your team towards better software development by showing you how to embrace the values and practices of a top performing team through a series of step-by-step exercises using the freely available trial edition of Visual Studio Team System.


The book is organized into ten sections which build-up a team’s competence in the key areas of software development. It is a big book as you can see from the table of contents, but it condenses into one volume what you might otherwise need to find in half a dozen or so books.