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Companion Site for the book

This site contains all the stuff we couldn't put in the book. It also contains information to help you get started with Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) as well as providing links to resources about Agile development and other sites that may be useful to an Agile Team.

Latest Information: 18th August 2008

  • The second printing of the book is in progress and copies should be available from the beginning of September. We have taken the opportunity of this second printing to update almost all the exercises in the book for Visual Studio Team System 2008
  • A comprehensive series of Flash Movies for the book will be released by 25th August. These movies also support Visual Studio Team System 2008 and take you screen-by-screen through all the exercises as well as documenting the setup of the associated Software Project Environment.

What's the book about?

This entry level text describes how VSTS can help a small team transition to Extreme Programming (XP) and in the process covers ten essential areas of software development, including:

  • Using version control to create a single shared code base with Team Foundation Version Control
  • Implementing continuous integration with Team Foundation Build
  • Practicing Test-Driven Development with the VSTS Unit Test and Code Coverage tools
  • Agile Modeling and coverage of the VSTS Class Designer tool
  • Creating customer tests with FIT and the VSTS Generic Test Adapter
  • Deploying your products with InstallShield and ClickOnce as well as building web services with the Distributed System Designer (DSD) tools
  • Estimating, Planning and Managing a project using Agile methods and VSTS Task Management tools

Almost a hundred exercises take you step-by-step through all the tools you need to implement a fully functional Agile process in your own team. Explore this site further to find out more about the contents of the book, its reviews and how it might help your team.

Stott, Newkirk: Visual Studio Team System - Better Software Development for Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley, 2007, ISBN-10 0-321-41850-6, 820 pages)

       Visual Studio Team System - Better Software Development for Agile Teams
Addison-Wesley ISBN-10 0-321-41850-6